Winter adventures – Montgenevre, France and Milan, Italy

I spent my winter as a ski rep in the French Alps – a gorgeous little resort sitting at 1800m boasting the best skiing conditions I’ve ever witnessed. Here’s an excerpt of part of this adventure back in February.

February 21st 2017

…Some idiot decided it would be a good idea to make the French, Italian and English holidays all at the same time. So the resort, and the hotel is so crazily busy I have now actually had a dream about my job, which I am 100% not paid enough for. But anyway, it still means we have to plan meticulously about everything and deal with angry suppliers (particularly our photographer) who must dream about his job. In fact I don’t actually think he has pupils in his eyes – they’ve just naturally been the shape of a € since birth.


So, as usual, to keep my sanity, I go and let off steam by going skiing most days. Although, it takes about 20-30 minutes to actually get anywhere because we have to queue for lifts in February. It sucks. But, the beauty of Montgenevre, is that it stays pretty quiet outside of peak times – it’s a family orientated resort with a wealth of skiing both on and off piste through Italy and France, as it is situated in the Milky Way Ski Area.

BUT, despite having to actually queue, all is good. Me and a few mates just took a mini break to Milan, and it was amazing. We went to the San Siro. For any football fan this is God. The San Siro literally personifies itself as God. In fact it might as well be the New Testament of the Bible in terms of football stadiums. One of my dreams became true. This is one of the biggest and oldest stadiums in the world (it holds 80’000). We saw AC Milan play Fiorentina, and Milan won 2-1; even better when the team you go to support wins.

It wasn’t even full, yet the noise from the mafia of mostly high Italians was deafening, the continuous smell of weed intensifying, the amount of flares and bangers being set off just downright insane. The highlight being one that seemed about 2 cm from my friend James (His reaction was hilarious). But overall, one beautiful experience.

A definite negative however, was when we gave in temptation to some McNuggets at the end of the game (10:30pm), and then due to the metro closing at 11pm, ended up returning at 2:45am via 2 strange buses and a hell of a lot of walking. Couldn’t even buy a drop of alcohol to numb the psychological pain of the walking distance and freezing cold temperature: nothing sold after 10pm. Gutted, but this is the sort of random story I feel will be exciting to use to break ice with future uni mates.

“A definite negative however, was when we gave in temptation to some McNuggets..”

Another interesting part of the trip was the return journey from the train station back in the mountains. To get back to the ski resort we had to get 2 trains and a bus. But, because we are in the alps, there is a 4 hour gap in-between bus times, so, after arriving at 4:30pm (the bus not due until 8pm) and then sipping a delightful and authentic Italian Latte, we took the decision to hitchhike; something I have never ever done before. Though it was surprisingly successful, and we ended up arriving at the time the bus would have left the train station. But admittedly, we did a lot of walking. De ja vu with our return trip in from the San Siro to the hostel in Milan really.

In conclusion? Advice?

  • Don’t do a ski season and work over February. I mean it’s pretty much unavoidable, but I’ll say it anyway.
  • Do go to Montgenevre ski resort in the French Alps, it’s amazing.
  • Don’t forget to check metro/tube opening/closing times when travelling literally any city.
  • Do go to the San Siro if ever in Milan; in fact, just visit Milan.
  • Don’t give in to temptation from Nuggets.
  • Do hitchhike, it’a not actually that bad.



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